Norman Beer at the bar de la Couronne

Norman Beer at the bar de la CouronneNorman Beer at the bar de la CouronneNorman Beer at the bar de la Couronne

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5,00€ AU PRE DE MA BLONDE (Ale) –6.0°

Enjoy a round and flowery lager crafted with love in the Norman “La Lie” Brewery. Its sweet malted charm, its fine bubble and carefully selected hops along with its beautiful golden colour will delight your palate. Delicacy and Elegance, “Au Pré de Ma Blonde” is a fatal Beauty, spread the word!

*water,  barley malt, Normandy hops, yeast, sugar  

 5,00€ L’AMBREE  DU HAMEAU (Amber) – 6.0°

A variety of four malts (from blond to biscuit-tasted) vigorously stirred. A nice round caramel taste in mouth. A very unique hop called “Nugget”, with a powerful fruit & wooden scent. The AMBREE DU HAMEAU has horsepower under the hood! Its name alludes to the “Hameau du Buis” in Ardèche where the recipe was created to propose a fine original organic product: no compromise for your palate! AMBREE DU HAMEAU, Ambrée, Ti Amo !!!

*water,  barley malts, hops, yeast, sugar

5,00€  LA CAENETTE  (White) – 4.5°

Stranded on the beach, crushed coriander leaves, orange peels and cumin seed brewing. On a Normandy beach, enjoy the sun and a light and refreshing CAENETTE. Summer time & ocean spray: the freshness of seafood or a light dessert, the CAENETTE matches perfectly with Lemon or Chocolate. Enjoy under the glorious Norman Sun!

*water,  barley malt, wheat malt, hops, spices, yeast, sugar 

5,00€  QUAI  DES BRUNES (Dark) – 5.6°

Some coffee taste and bitter cocoa along with fresh and spicy taste of English Challenger & First Gold English hops. All here in this “Light Porter” reminds of the restlessness, stifled sounds & misty docks, the sailors songs in a pub and the unescapable and exhilarating call for long ocean crossings. Bon Voyage!

*water,  barley malt, hops, yeast, sugar 

 5,00€  TRIPLE A LA MODE DE CAEN (Triple-fermented Strong beer) - 9.0° 

Recipe for a few drinks: Carefully crush the spelt, barley & rye seeds, stir them delicately in hot water and let it infuse. Let it filter listening to a good record. Bring the must obtained to boil. Dip a nice selection of aromatic hops and maintain at a low heat. Let it cool quickly and add the selected yeast. Behold. Bottle the obtained drink and seal it off. Wait. Get impatient. Open and serve between 08 & 10°C

*water,  barley – rye & spelt malts, hops, yeast, sugar

 and seasonal brews:  

conte  & fleurette” (Ginger Ale) – 5.6° and “ça sent le sapin” (Spicy  Amber Christmas Special ) – 7.5°

 Let’s remind that abuse of alcohol puts your health at risk!