For a quick general ideea?

For a quick general ideea?For a quick general ideea?For a quick general ideea?

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Hot drinks :

from  2,00€                            

13 grands  crus Nespresso on our carte des cafés: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato or the tasty Noisette Diamy – house recipe in memory of Grand’Pa DIAMY !

from  3,00€                            

excellent selection of  KUSMI infusions and teas to discover on our carte  des thés : green teas, white teas or black, florals, fruity, spicy or classics, even decaffeinated… (some are singled out daily and  sublimated  by the Samovar of the house !)

A few  classics without alcohol :

from  2,00€                             

still water EVIAN - 50cl, sparkling water SAINT PELLEGRINO - 50cl, SCHWEPPES - 25 cl, COCA COLA 25cl,  GRANINI

juices - 25cl (orange, pear, apricot, strawberry…), TOURTEL TWIST - 27.5cl

a glass of  15cl of French wine, nicely served in perfect conditions by the  Sommelière !

from  4,00€                             

BORDEAUX ROUGE // red wine from the PAYS D'OC // BOURGOGNE BLANC // white wine from the PAYS D'OC // ROSÉ CÔTES DE  PROVENCE


the  exquisite Champagne TAITTINGER :

from 15,00€                            

a cup of CUVÉE PRESTIGE ROSÉ (50€ - 95€ for the bottle) or a cup of BRUT RÉSERVE (45€ - 85€ for the bottle)


the  aperitifs

from 3,00€                               

2cl of amber rhum (CLEMENT // DIPLOMATICO //DON  PAPA…), gin GENEROUS, vodka GREY GOOSE

from 4,00€                             

MARTINI bianco/rosso, CAMPARI soda / orange, PASTIS de MARSEILLE, SUZE …

some  digestifs…

from 3,00€                             



…the  unavoidable Whisky

 from  2,50€                            

scotch WHITE AND MACKAY, scotch BUNNAHABHAIN 12 years old, scotch GLENMORANGIE QUINTA RUBAN 12 years old, whiskey REDBREST 12 years old, whisky NIKKA, bourbon MAKER'S 46

…Norman  beers from a brand new microbrewery in the heart of Swiss Normandy …

 for 5,00€                                

AU PRE DE MA BLONDE, L’AMBREE DU HAMEAU, LA CAENETTE, QUAI DES BRUNES, TRIPLE  A LA MODE DE CAEN, ale, amber, white, dark, triple-fermented strong beer, ginger ale or spicy amber… -- a visit at the brewery is totally worth if you could find moments to spare !

…and last but not least,the DUPONT Family Estate – right next-door, in Pays d’Auge -- in VICTOT-PONFOL!

Discovering their card in full is a « must do » as well as the visit of the estate: traditional, authentic, fresh and enchanting …-- we are absolutely in love and present their genuine products with pride!!! --

Let’s remind  that abuse of alcohol puts your health at risk! Alcoholic beverages should be  consumed with moderation!