? snack, brunch, slunch or drunch

? snack, brunch, slunch or drunch? snack, brunch, slunch or drunch? snack, brunch, slunch or drunch

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5,00€ BRUNCH dish

Omelet, sausages, veggies bowl, bread & butter, salt & pepper…

Ideal for the late riser: half Salted  breakfast, half Lunch on the run!

Also handy  as an addition of the buffet Breakfast to get ready for avery busy day … Or just because you fancy it !

9,00€ MAXI BRUNCH dish or … SLUNCH dish (why  not ?)

Just a double  dose of Brunch! Can easily be a late supper / snack as well …

** Within the limit of the available stock of the day, but no panic: we offer alternatives!!!

5,00€ Yummy! ( Ready? Steady? Spread!)

French “art de vivre”… simple and tasty!

Enjoy a HENAFF moment (…Pataff’ for the initiated bellies)

90g of pâté* served with fresh bread along with the unescapable piece of Norman “Camembert” cheese.

*a rigorous and inspired selection of 100%  French products from the famous Jean HENAFF company located in Ploudreuzic (next door, in Brittany)

HENAFF pâté with Guérande salt

Or Poultry pâté with Espelette Chili

Or Tomato Caviar with soft cheese

Or Tuna Rillettes and basil

Or spicy HENAFF pâté

from 8,30€ Our Tasty “Petits Plats” MEUNIER

… Wonders in sterilized jars, without  additive nor preservatives, forged by the MEUNIER family tradition and know-how for 5 generations : Bio  soups with mineral water, fresh  pastas, French classics (including legendary Bourguignon beef and its potatoes )

* The smart “MEUNIER steamer” recognizes every type of dish and adapts the cooking time accordingly ! Outstanding!

* a detailed  MEUNIER menu allows you to make your choice and order  -- from your room or directly at the bar